Making education in Europe digital!

TechnoVET is THE number one project in europe to transform the education into the world of digital innovations!

Our 3 goals!

What are the main results that this project should have at the end?

1 · Manuals for digital tools

We want to provide manuals for seleted tools, that most education centres used while the covid-19 pandemic by using surveys and reports, we created.

2 · Courses​

Providing courses for everyone, from students to teachers, on using the digital area of VET. As well as courses for administration of these plattforms.

3 · Open source plattform

Creating a open source plattform for everything in goal one and two. It will also be a plattform to discuss and exchange other materials, documents, cources etc.

Our partners​

We work with 8 partners, in order to make the results out of the project as good as possible.

Main responsible for this project

The main responsible for this project is the IF (International Formation) Center in Madrid, Spain.

Mr. Bell, Mrs. Ihnen
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